Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of SEO and Digital Marketing For Small Business

Many of us are still unaware of this fact that how much important is digital marketing and SEO for our business.  Millennials and those from Generation Z are, by and large, cognizant of what the internet brings to an entrepreneur’s table. However, many people who do not belong to either of these generations tend to be more skeptical about these ‘newfound’ methods used to further business interests. They would rather rely on conventional methods to do so, which include: raising awareness through traditional means such as door-to-door marketing, distributing pamphlets, and running ads on the TV, etc. Digital marketing is just not the thing for them, or so they think.

Let’s not delve into numbers and statistics to prove that more and more people are now becoming internet users; and within that ambit, more people are becoming social media users. Suffice it to say that as of 2018’s third quarter, the social media giant Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users worldwide. That’s a huge number of people present on a single platform.

Most startups may not choose to focus on their digital marketing, and this is where they lose. Keeping other reasons aside, if a business does not have an online presence, it will definitely be at a loss.

*These all stats are also revealed by a digital marketing company named as My Lead Supply.

Today, if we wish to look up a product, the first thing we take to is the internet. Searching for what we want has now been made so much easier through the likes of mega search engines such as Google.

Any business, from whichever industry it may belong, needs to be online if it wishes to compete efficiently with its competitors. Everything ranging from cars, designer clothes, accessories to drugs on the black market are now available online. We simply cannot ignore the potential that the internet and social media holds for entrepreneurship.

There are countless examples of business models solely based on the use of the internet and/or social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. E-commerce is in vogue.

Benefits of Growing Your Business Online

If we were to list some of the benefits of going online, they would be the following:

  • A huge potential customer base is now online, being tapped by all types of people with different interests
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective. An enormous global target audience can now be reached via digital marketing at a much lower cost than conventional means such as radio or television ads etc
  • Tracking customer response to your marketing strategy is also possible
  • Digital marketing, with social media, in particular, allows a great way for businesses to offer customer care
  • Social media sites also provide detailed analytics on ad campaigns and individual post-performance, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on these results

This size and scale of business are irrelevant; every business needs to have an online presence in today’s age. Small businesses even more so, since they have a lot to gain from it. Digital marketing is being taught at different universities around the world, with even specialized short courses being offered. Digital marketing is here to stay, and grow, making it almost impossible for an enterprise not to indulge in it at some point in time.

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